Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Stitching

Summer is slipping by at a furious pace.Remember when you were a kid and summer lasted forever?

I have been working on my class quilts so can't share until after the September sign ups.  So excited!

I spent a time stitching this weekend, something I haven't done enough of this year.  I so love the feel of linen in my hand, the smooth wooden hoop and playing with delicious hand dyed fibres.

Above is the last instalment received from the Colonial Gatherings Club with Dyeing 2 Stitch.  It's called Button Posies by The Scarlett House.  I should be receiving the next shipment soon, looking forward to that.

Have a wonderful week!


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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hurt not the Earth

Today's project is part of The Colonial Gatherings Club hosted by Dyeing to Stitch.   It's a year long club featuring two designers:  Plum Street Samplers and The Scarlett House.   This was the first instalment of 2015 by Paula Stewart of Plum Street Samplers.   All that's left is the house!

I already have instalment number 2 so I am a bit behind but I am hoping to catch up!

Happy Sunday,

Saturday, July 4, 2015

This may work

I have been quite absent since my  laptop gave up the ghost.   Try as I might using my smart phone,  it was just too much of an effort writing the type of posts I enjoy.   I like words and lots of them!   Instagram is more user friendly for phone use.  

But now I have a little tablet and I think this may work for now.   Let's see how frustrated I get!

My knitting has continued and I have now learned to knit socks,  on a circular.   Love it!   I really enjoy the bulkier sock weight,  the fingering weight is just so tiny.  

My quilting is going strong.   I have been working on class projects as I am teaching three quilts in the fall session.

Yay!   I love helping others find their joy in fabric.

Today though is about more then quilting or knitting.   Two dear friends,  after many years together,  got married in a simple,  beautiful outdoor ceremony.   Dave and Sandy are two people who we have chosen as family and who have also chosen us.   Many happy memories we have sharing holiday meals or just hanging out on a Saturday.  

The wedding took place on a point about a 15 minute walk in the bush,  overlooking a ravine.  

My daughters (green hair and long dark haired)  and their friend.

They are so cute.   They were in charge of the wedding procession music.  That's a lot of pressure so far out in the bus,  away from plug ins and wired speakers,  but they did it!

Now we are home and can relax.   Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Northern Knitting

I love knitting for many reasons.  I'm a tactile person, I love to touch, to feel, to hold it in my hands.  My favourite needles to work with are birch, the wood just comes alive in my hands. I enjoy knitting with wool and wool blends.  From the soft and beautiful alpaca to the sturdy Icelandic wools.  I would be quite happy with a little meadow of sheep close by.

Notice I said close by, not to have for my own, I appreciate the hard work in raising and producing.  Believe me I will pay for your beautiful products.

As I have been introducing my friends into the world of knitting these past few months (they are little knitting demons now, there's no stopping them) I find I have been branching out, expanding my knitting choices and I am loving it.

In the past I tended to stick with scarves and hats.  Scarves are easy and I would make them  up as I go.  Now I am trying more intricate patterns, actual patterns!  Those that know me know I'm not a pattern follower, but I have found some wonderful designs and designers out there, I can't keep up! I want to knit it all.

I have found many free patterns out there, which are great introductions into different  types and styles.   If you get a chance, have a look through Ravelry sometime and you will be amazed with the creativity so many have ( I'm NorthernKnitter2 on there - I've started keeping track of my knitting projects there).

I absolutely swoon though over a well published pattern.  I love the paper, the photographs and the personality that shines through.  Never Not Knitting for example produces a gorgeous publication and her designs are well written and easy to follow.

My current project is published by Quince & Co. and is the work of designer Carrie Bostick Hoge.  Easy to follow, and the photo and paper it's printed on are wonderful!

This is my first baby sweater and it's coming along great.  I am hoping to be done this weekend.  I have the hood portion nearly stitched then all that's left will be the sleeves.

I really enjoy the portable nature of knitting,  I can carry it with me and work on it in small snatches of time, like a coffee break or while waiting for my daughter's basketball practice to end.  Here are my other daughter and I knitting at the library while waiting for Lisa's practice to end.

I'm so happy Jen has also found a love of knitting.  Above she is working on a pair of purple mittens.

Today though I have been pulled away from my baby hoodie.  We have had extreme Arctic air warnings and with temps as low as -37C (lower with the wind chill) this week.  This morning was no exception, so I bundled myself up in a quilt  and started a new project.  I picked out some Alafosslopi from my stash and began a shawl called Nordic  Wind by cabinfour (on Ravelry).  It calls for Icelandic wool and  its just what  I  need to work on today.

Do you knit? Or crochet?  That's a skill I have yet to learn.

Take care and stay warm!  Vivian