Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekends are for Catching Up

Especially long weekends!

I seem to excel when a long weekend appears.  Most of the time, its a big production to get a sewing area set up (aka the kitchen) and there are only so many hours in the day.

But on long weekends I have time, and space, and the luxury of letting everyone fend for themselves.

Yay me!

This past weekend was no exception.

I completed the top for my Ziggarut quilt.  My 13 year old has already claimed it so I better find a cool backing soon.  The fabrics are mostly Marcia Derse and I picked them up in Anchorage a couple of years ago.

I really enjoyed this one.

I also nearly finished my Bargello Heart. I just need to find a fabric to nicely separate the heart from the border/feature fabric.

Since I had accomplished so much at my sewing machine, I treated myself to some alone time with my cross stitching.  You may remember this is the project I agreed to finish off for a friend.  It's "The Kiss" by Mirabilia.

Now to enjoy the roaring fire as the icy rain falls outside.  It's winter's last grumble I hope.

Take care!



Diane-crewe said...

so bright and bold ... wonderful x

Nancy J said...

I can see lots of hours and fine seam match-ups there, but the zig-zag, eye catching, super, Cheers, jean.

Ariadne Skyrianidou said...

Wow! The kiss is amazing!AriadnefromGreece!

Val Spiers said...

Lovely quilts. The colours in the zig zag one are so rich looking. What a beautiful cross stitch The Kiss is. Lots of work in it too.

Heather said...

Usually long weekends are great for stitching, however this time it was my turn to host dinner. That meant clearing off the dining room table where I sew. Now it's all cleared of unfinished projects and ready to complete things instead of re-populating with the old. Both of the tops look good. I enjoy when I get to adding borders and choosing backings. it means I might actually finish something.

Julie said...

The zig zag quilt is awesome. I can see why she claimed it!

Poppyprint said...

Hellooooooo! Long time, no blog reading. I'm such a bad blogger/reader at the moment. I just wanted to say that I love that zigzag variation - it looks fabulous! Hope all is well. Great work on your long weekend!